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Denim Richards


Denim Richards

Founder/CEO-Opulent Entertainment Group

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Creating Access Into The Innovation Economy

Indiana Convention Center 100 S Capitol Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46225



Denim Richards

Denim Richards has been performing for over two decades with over 40+ credits spanning from Theater to Television and film. He can currently be seen starring in the role of ‘Colby Mayfield’ opposite Kevin Costner in the hit Paramount Network series “Yellowstone,” for the past five seasons, Which is cables #1 show in America and will be the #1 in the world by 2024 ! He is also currently playing the role of ‘Elijah” on the hit Freeform show, “Good Trouble”. Additionally, Denim will be starring as ‘Jack Brown’ in the feature film, “The Chickasaw Rancher,” which tells the remarkable story inspired by the life of renowned Chickasaw cattleman Montford T. Johnson which is currently out on Netflix, as well as having his two new movies “County Line” that he stars in alongside Hollywood legend Tom Wopat (Dukes of Hazard) out now on Amazon prime. Denim has always had a burning desire to own and create, so in 2010, he established his own production company, Opulent Artist, LLC (OA). OA is a multiethnic company that takes pride in telling original stories of quality while providing opportunities for professionals in the entertainment industry. Denim believes that there is amazing talent everywhere, and OA is the platform that is needed to showcase that talent. Denim’s recent film “The Zoo” that he created, wrote, and directed, tells the heroic story of Africans in the Holocaust and there unyielding will to never surrender has officially been accepted into the “Pan African Film Festival” which makes his film “The Zoo” an Oscar qualifier. Opulent Artist (OA) is a premier provider of entertainment, corporate and educational content. With a team of experts boasting extensive experience of over 85 years in Hollywood and South Africa, OA is well placed to help the industry grow and thrive – even in challenging times. We are able to offer unique skills and a platform to elevate others in the future of Film and Television here on the continent of Africa, which boast the youngest population on the planet 35 years and younger, and is set to double in population by 2050. Denim has not allowed himself to be limited to acting and producing he also an accomplished speaker, speaking at some of the top events in the world with a focus on bolstering a positive narrative of Africa and bridging the gap between the Diaspora and Africa. Some of latest events that Denim has spoken at are .. • Denim was invited to give a presentation on the state of the entertainment industry in Botswana at both the day and night sessions of the 2023 FNB Botswana Budget Review. • Denim was also Forbes 2023 30 Under 30 speaker in Gaborone, Botswana. • Hosted a Ted X talk in Namibia on Africa Youth in Tourism Innovation Summit • And was a keynote panelist at Forbes 30 Under 30 event in Gaborone. • Hosted “Understanding the Business of Entertainment” Masterclass for over 1300 entertainment industry hopefuls and professionals at the University of Botswana. • Created a platform for African women in the creative industry to showcase their talents and network called Mosadi Khumo. • Keynote speaker at the 2023 US/Africa Summit held in Botswana. • Partnered with South African production company Ochre Moving Pictures to develop and produce a one-hour drama series. • Denim was the keynote speaker for the 2023 MIP Africa FAME Week – Film, Arts, Media & Entertainment. • US/Africa Business Summit Taking place in Dallas, Texas 2024 • Speaker at AGOA (African Growth and Opportunity Act) in South Africa *Global Director for Media, Arts, and culture for the African Union 6th Region *Ambassador to Botswana “By all moral means necessary Win” – Denim Richards


Denim Richards